New Year’s Eve

Jesse is a 41 year old working class Mexican Indian/Irish Italian mix. Below average height, muscular, and very dark, sporting long hair. He has a violent past and an intimidating aura.

“So it was New Years eve, and I was at the old Funhouse, back when it was called Zach’s, right there by the Space Needle. All the black gangbangers would hang in the parking lot of the McDonald’s right there, and the Seattle Police riot squad was lurking around the corner, some shit always popped off on New Years.”

“There was a tradition at that bar, at midnight on the new year, everybody would throw all the furniture out onto the sidewalk. When we went out there later to get the furniture and take it back inside, some gangbangers started talking shit. There about 10 of us and at least twice that many of them. There was a pack of these ghetto black bitches, instigating most of it. One of ’em spit on my friend, and this chick who was my friend, she knew how to fight, she just instantly kicked the bitch in the head, knocked her out. After that, it was a very chaotic scene. Another one of the ghetto bitches came at me with her spike heel shoe in her hand. Tried to stab my eye out. Only thing that saved me was I was wearing a top hat, and the brim shielded my eye from that spike.”
“I punched the bitch in her face, clocked her good. Her boyfriend started coming at me and I just charged at him. I don’t know what I did to scare him so bad, I was pretty fuckin’ drunk, but he decided at the last minute to turn around and run away from me.”

I’ve seen Jesse go savage before. I suspect that the other gentleman had never seen a wild Apache on the warpath before and figured discretion was the better part of valor.

“He ran into a car, and I smashed the window with my elbow, I was fuckin’ goin’ for him. The car started driving away, and I had to let go of him. Like I say, it was a chaotic scene. Full on brawl. The cops were on the scene almost instantly, helmets and shields, and the owner of the bar yelled at us to all come inside.”
“We just went back to drinking like nothing even happened. I was shit faced.”
“The next morning, I woke up in the backseat of a car on the other side of town. My whole arm was purple from breaking the guy’s window with my elbow. I tried to open my eye and it was the most painful shit ever. My cornea was damaged from that bitch’s shoe. I woulda lost my eye if I wasn’t wearing that top hat. I had to wear sunglasses for the next six months.”

This is actually one of Jesse’s more tame stories. I’ve known him for 26 years and can vouch for the authenticity of his anecdotes.

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